Talent Space Aachen

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Together we create a new place for students in Aachen – to learn, work, hang out and get to know great employers.

More and more young people are studying in Aachen. Therefore, there is a lack of space: Living space. Learning space. Working space. Leisure space. At the same time, companies from the region and beyond are looking for new ways to make their employer brand more visible in Aachen and to get in touch with young talents.

With the Talent Space, we are creating a useful solution for both sides: a cool learning location and meeting place for students will be created on at least 400 square meters in the city center of Aachen, which also serves as a co-working space and venue for companies seeking contact with talents.

Working. Learning. Living.


  • Workplace for students and employees/ student assistants of the companies – close to campus & in the city center of Aachen

  • Office space for student organizations

  • Project work & opportunities of internships / theses

  • Job shadowing und mentoring program


  • Open study rooms for students

  • Academy & training opportunities

  • Workshops, impulses, introductory formats between employers and talents

  • Scholarship program


  • Sports and relaxation: yoga, meditation, …

  • Social events: theme nights, discussions, …

  • Community building: game nights, cooking classes, …

  • Entertainment: film screenings, theater, …

Solutions for employers


  • As a resident you are a permanent partner of the Talent Space for one year and can use the location and the community for your personnel marketing.


  • The hosts make the Talent Space possible in the first place. You are prominently present and can actively shape the place and activities.


  • Present yourself as a guest partner during a semester program at the Talent Space and benefit from the great opportunities on-site.

Further information about the Talent Space is available for download in this PDF.

If you are interested and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brit van der Meulen.

Brit van der Meulen
Brit van der Meulen+49 2408 955 868